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Mountain Bikes Sales & Service

Mountain bikes are the most popular bike sold in Limerick. A mountain bike is essentially a regular bike with a few extra features to help them perform better off road on a wide variety of ground surfaces. Typically, mountain bikes have suspension on the front and sometimes at the back, they have extra wide handlebars and strong tires for better grip on wet or loose road surfaces. 

Mountain bike frames are designed to be stronger than regular bike frames in order to withstand a rougher cycle. This strength usually comes from the use of stronger materials like steel as opposed to carbon fibre or aluminium, although some bike manufacturers are using these lighter materials now too. 

There are hundreds of types of mountain bikes to choose from, each with different features which will cater to your specific mountain bike needs. 

We offer a few different Brand mountain bikes here in our showroom in Abbeyfeale, Co. Limerick. So let me know what your needs are and what your budget is and I can talk you though the options and find you the most suitable mountain bike.

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